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Aircraft Codes - IATA and ICAO
Aircraft sorted by their IATA / ICAO . [Civil Aviation Only]
: International Air Transport Association
ICAO: International Civil Aviation Organization

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IATA ICAO Aircraft
A4F A124 Antonov AN124 Ruslan
AB3 A30B Airbus A300 Pax
AB4 A30B Airbus A300B2/B4/C4 Pax
AB6 A306 Airbus A300-600 Pax
ABF A30B Airbus A300C4/F47-600 Freighter
ACD N/a Gulfstream/Rockwell (Aero) Commander/Turbo Commander
ACP AC68 Gulfstream/Rockwell (Aero) Commander
ACT AC90 Gulfstream/Rockwell (Aero) Turbo Commander
AN4 AN24 Antonov AN24
AN6 AN26 Antonov AN26
AN6 AN30 Antonov AN30
AN6 AN32 Antonov AN32
AN7 AN72 Antonov AN72/74
ANF AN12 Antonov An12
AR1 BA46 Avro RJ100 Avroliner
AR7 BA46 Avro RJ70 Avroliner
AR8 BA46 Avro RJ85 Avroliner
ARJ BA46 Avro RJ Avroliner
AT3 AT43 Aerospatiale/Alenia ATR 42-300
AT3 AT44 Aerospatiale/Alenia ATR 42-400
AT4 N/a Aerospatiale/Alenia ATR 42
AT5 AT45 Aerospatiale/Alenia ATR 42-500
AT7 AT72 Aerospatiale/Alenia ATR 72
ATP ATP British Aerospace ATP
ATR N/a Aerospatiale/Alenia ATR 42/72



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