FB - Fine Air - USA - Cargo flights to South and Central America and Caribbean
AY - Finnair - Finland - Flying out of Helsinki for more than 75 years
AY - Finnair - Finland - Official homepage for the Americas
7F - First Air - Canada - Connecting Canada's north and far north
DP - First Choice - UK - Holiday flights to Southern Europe, Northern Africa and the Caribbean
YC - Flight West - Australia - Regional Airline based in Queensland
F3 - Flying Enterpise - Sweden - Stockholm, Skövde, Jönköping and Visby
---- - Four Star Air Cargo - USA - scheduled cargo airline directly linking the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, San Juan, and Miami
ZU - Freedom Air International - New Zealand - Flights betweem New Zealand and Australia
FL - Frontier Airlines - USA - Domestic flights centered in Denver
---- - Funjet Express - USA - Back and forth between Fresno and Las Vegas


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