---- - Keenair - UK - Scheduled flights between Liverpool, UK and Cork, Ireland on two Embraer Bandeirantes
KD - Kendell Airlines - Australia
5K - Kenmore Air - USA - Scheduled seaplane flights: Seattle, Victoria, San Juan Isl.
KQ - Kenya Airways - Nairobi to the rest of Africa and select world destinations
BZ - Keystone Air Service - Canada - Pipers and Beechcraft provide scheduled service connecting Swan River, Dauphin and Winnipeg, Manitoba
2K - Kitty Hawk - USA - Scheduled and charter cargo flights, mostly on B727s
KL - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - Netherlands - Schiphol to major world destinations
UK - KLM uk - UK - Seventeen UK airports to Schiphol
KE - Korean Air - Southeast Asia plus select European and North Amercan cities
7B - KrasAir-Krasnoyarsk Airlines - Russia - Extensive domestic and European network on Tuploevs and Illushyns
KU - Kuwait Airways - Forty destinations


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