GA - Garuda Indonesia - Indonesia - Extensive domestic and international network
G7 - Gandalf Airlines - Italy - From Milan to major European capitals in Fairchild-Dornier 328s
BA - GB Airways - Gibraltar - British Airways franchise flies B737s to Manchester and London Gatwick
GH - Ghana Airways - Flights to and from West Africa and Accra
Z5 - GMG Airlines - Bangladesh - Regional flights centered in Dhaka
OG - Go - UK - Now easyjet.
---- - Golden Eagle Airlines - Australia - Tourist flights and charters in the north west of Westrn Australia
G1 - Gorkha Airlines - Nepal - Eight domestic destinations
ZK - Great Lakes Aviation - USA - United Express flights: Chicago Meigs and Springfield
---- - Grupo Taca - The alliance of Aviateca, Lacsa, Nica and Taca
GF - Gulf Air - Has four owner states: Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and UAE
7G - Gulfstream Airlines - USA - "Continental Connection" in the southeast states
GY - Guyana Airways


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