JF - L.A.B. Flying Service - USA - Daily scheduled flights connecting Haines, Alaska with Juneau, Skagway and other S.E. Alaska communities
TM - LAM Linhas Aéreas de Mocambique - Mozambique
---- - La Costeña - Nicaragua - One of Grupo Taca's regional airlines
LA - LanChile Airlines - South, Central and North America, some Australia, some Europe
LP - LanPreu - Peru - Peruvian arm of an extensive worldwide airline
NG - Lauda Air - Austria - The famous F1 driver spawned an airline
---- - Legend Airlines - USA - DC-9s between Dallas, Washington, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York (LGA)
LI - LIAT - Antigua - Two hundred flights a day in the eastern Caribbean
TE - Lithuanian Airlines - From Vilnius to northern Eurpoean capitals on B737s and SAABs
LB - Lloyd Aero Boliviano - Bolivia
LC - Loganair - UK - Serving Scotland for British Airways
LO - LOT Polish Airlines - Dates back to the 1920s
---- - Love Air - Canada - Join the "Mile High Club" on a charter flight exclusively for that purpose
LT - LTU International Airways - Germany - Holiday destinations in Florida, California and the Caribbean
LH - Lufthansa - Germany's biggest and most famous
LH - Lufthansa Cargo - Germany - The flag carrier's freight division
CL - Lufthansa CityLine - Germany - Five hundred flights a day to 61 European cities. CRJs and Avros
LG - Luxair - Luxembourg - 737s, Embraers and Fokkers to the rest of Europe, North Africa and New York
LN - Libyan Arab Airlines - Libya
L2 - Lynden Air Cargo - USA - Hercs hauling oversize loads in Alaska
---- - Lynx Air International - USA - Florida to the Bahamas, Haiti, the Dominican and the Turks and Caicos using a Fairchild Metro III


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