WG - Wasaya Airways - Canada - Owned by eight Native Canadian communities
---- - West Caribbean Airways - Colombia - Domestic routes, plus Aruba, Panama City and San José
8O - West Coast Air - Canada - Twin Otter service between Victoria's Inner Harbour and Vancouver's Coal Harbour
7Y - West Isle Air - USA - Cessnas serving the San Juan Islands
EM - Western Airlines - Australia - Flies from Perth to Geraldton, Kalbarri, Denham and Monkey Mia
M3 - WestJet - Canada - Twelve 737s serve 11 cities in western Canada
WF - Widerĝe Airline - Norway - Extensive domestic routes, plus seven international routes
9C - Wimbi Dira Airways - Congo - Domestic flights out of Kinshasa
WNA - WinAir - St. Maarten - Frequent service from St. Maarten to neighbouring islands
IV - WindJet - Italy - Low-cost flights throughtout Italy and to select European cities
K5 - Wings of Alaska - USA - Cessnas, Beavers and Otters out of Juneau
---- - Wizz - UK - Nine A320s serving Central and Eastern Europe
WO - World Airways - USA - An MD-11 and a DC-10

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