D3 - Daallo Airlines - Djibouti/Somalia - AN-24s, IL-18s and TU-154s
DA - Air Georgia - Georgia - Flies between Tblisi and Frankfurt
DB - Brit Air - France - A regional arm of Air France
DD - Nok Air - Thailand - Low-cost airline with service from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Hat Yai and Udon Thani
DE - Condor - Germany - North American site for this German holiday service
DH - Atlantic Coast Airlines - USA - Operates under United Express banner
DL - Delta - USA - Major carrier
DL - Delta Express - USA - The eastern states to Florida
DL - Song - USA - Delta's low cost carrier
DM - Maersk Air - Denmark - From Copenhagen and Brillund to major European cities
DP - Air 2000 - UK - Scheduled and chartered holiday flights
DP - First Choice - UK - Holiday flights to Southern Europe, Northern Africa and the Caribbean
DS - Air Senegal - Senegal - Member of the Groupe Royal Air Maroc. Three B737s and a Dash 8
DU - Hemus Air - Bulgaria - From Sofia to Europe, Africa and the Near East
DV - Nantucket Airlines - USA - Back and forth between Hyannis and Nantucket every hour
DW - Rottnest Air Taxi - Australia - Connects Rottnest Island with Freemantle
DWT - Darwin Airline - Switzerland - SAAB 2000s between Lugano, Geneva, Barcelona and Olbia
DX - DanAir - UK - An unofficial, commemorative site. Taken over by BA in '93
DZ - Transcaraibes Air International/Air Tropical - Guadeloupe - Island hopping in the French West Indies



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