J4 - Buffalo Airways - Canada - Charter work on a variety of aircraft. Based in Yellowknife, NWT
JA - Air Bosna - Bosnia and Herzegovina - One ATR-42, two YAK-42s and a Cessna 550 to Eastern Europe and Scandanavia
JB - Helijet Airways - Canada - Scheduled helicopters: Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle
JD - Japan Air System - Ninety-nine domestic rutes
JE - Manx Airlines - UK - From the Isle of Man to Ireland, Scotland and England
JF - L.A.B. Flying Service - USA - Daily scheduled flights connecting Haines, Alaska with Juneau, Skagway and other S.E. Alaska communities
JL - Japan Airlines - Tokyo and Osaka to all major world destinations
JM - Air Jamaica - Montego Bay to the US and the Caribbean
JP - Adria Airways - Slovenia
JU - JAT Yugoslav Airlines - Unofficial site, but good enough to warrant an exception
JV - Bearskin Airlines - Canada - Serving Northern Ontario
JX - SunJet - USA - Twenty daily flights between New York and Florida
JY - British European Airways - UK - Domestic flights, including Jersey and Guernsey



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