Q2 - Minerva Airlines - Italy - Partner to Alitalia
Q3 - Roan Air - Zambia - Domestic flights, with plans for London and Johannesburg
Q4 - Mustique Airways - St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Island hopping in the Eastern Caribbean
Q7 - Sobel Air - Belgium - A charter remnant of Sabena
QA - Aerocaribe - Mexico - A regional arm of Mexicana
QAH - Quick Airways - Netherlands - Rotterdam and Groningen
QF - Qantas Airways - The Australian leader, and tenth largest in the world
QF - Southern Australia Airlines - Qantas-owned regional airline based in Victoria
QK - Air Nova- Canada - Atlantic coast regional arm of Air Canada. Folded into parent company Air Canada's regional line: Jazz
QP - Airkenya - Kenya - Domestic flights
QQ - Reno Air - USA - Commemorative website. Purchased by American Airlines in 1999
QR - Qatar Airways - From Doha to the rest of the Middle East



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