V3 - Vanair - Vanuatu - Serves 29 airports in the archipelago
VG - VLM Airlines - Belgium - Regional flights on Fokkers
VI - Volga-Dnepr Airlines - Russia - Super-heavy cargo on AN 124-100
VL - North Vancouver Air - Canada - From Vancouver to Seattle and southern British Columbia on Beech, Pipers, J31s and a Cessna 206
VM - Regional Airlines - France - Created in 1992 by th merging ofAir Vendée with Airlec
VN - Vietnam Airlines - Europe and Asia from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City
VO - Tyrolean Airways - Austria - Member of the Austrian Airlines Group flies to 49 destinations in 24 countries
VP - VASP - Brazil - MD-11s and 737s to 27 Brazilian cities and 12 international destinations
VQ - Impulse Airlines - Australia - Now Jetstar, Qantas' new low-cost carrier
VQ - Jetstar - Australia - Qantas' low-cost carrier. Formerly Impulse Airlines
VR - Cabo Verde Airlines - Cape Verde to Boston, Amsterdam, Paris and Munich
VS - Virgin Atlantic - UK - London and Manchester to major world cities
VV - AeroSvit Airlines - Ukraine - Founded in 1994, flies B737s from Kiev to the rest of the country, plus Moscow and the Mediterranean
VV - Aerosweet - Ukraine - One of three major carriers
VW - Skyways - Sweden - Domestic partner of SAS uses Saabs, Fokkers and Jetstreams




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