E5 - Samara Airlines - Russia - Domestic flights on Tupolevs, Ilushyns, Yakolevs and Antonovs
ED - CCAir (US Airways Express) - USA - Charlotte, NC to 25 cities in 8 states
EI - Aer Lingus - Ireland's national airline
EJ - New England Airlines - USA - From Westerly, RI to Block Island twelve times a day and more
EK - Emirates - UAE - Based in Dubai, the flag carrier uses airbuses and 777s
EM - Western Airlines - Australia - Flies from Perth to Geraldton, Kalbarri, Denham and Monkey Mia
EN - Air Dolomiti - Italy -Flights to Switzerland, Germany and Spain on ATRs and CRJs. A Lufthansa partner
EP - Europe Airpost - France - Formerly Aéropostale
EQ - TAME - Ecuador
ET - Ethiopian Airlines - Domestic flights, plus Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia
EW - Eurowings - Germany - Regional flights throughout Europe
EZ - Sun Air - Denmark - Jetstreams between Sweden, Norway, Ireland and Germany


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